Stop Overreacting in Front of Your Family

Lisa Schwaller

Is parenting an emotional rollercoaster?

Do you often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated... 😬
Then you overreact in front of the people you care the most about... 🀯
And then you feel awful about it. 😒
How do you break this cycle?

Parenting is hard. Oh, yeah, and you've never been in these situations with this group of people before. It makes total sense that being in a family is sometimes overwhelming! πŸ’–

From time to time, the exhaustion and overwhelm spills over as frustration or impatience.

This program is where you learn why you might sometimes overreact and how to feel more in control.

You can reduce your overwhelm, interrupt the cycle of overreacting, and feel calmer and more peaceful even when stressed.

What's included:

  • Module 1: Why do we overreact, especially with people we love?
  • Module 2: Pressure! Exhaustion, frustration, overwhelm...
  • Module 3: Relieving the pressure before it boils over
  • Module 4: Recovering from an overreaction
  • Module 5: Practice makes progress

**Please note: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT delivered as a series of videos.

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Last updated Sep 9, 2023

5 modules covering why overreactions happen and what do to about them so you can show up your best parenting self


Stop Overreacting in Front of Your Family

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